Our clients receive hi-tech specialty nursing care in the comfort of their own homes.
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Service Levels

Home Infusion Therapy

Our clients receive hi-tech specialty nursing care in the comfort of their own homes. We offer full-service infusion therapies, administered by RNs such as hydration therapy, antibiotic therapy, blood transfusions and we also teach and train for various medication administration.

Our skilled nurses are able to assist and teach the family members of clients with in-home infusion therapy services, and provide ongoing education, along with close monitoring. Our care management team follows up with therapy schedules and infusion devices to ensure that they are functioning efficiently. These highly specialized resources promote patient safety and avoid missed visits and hospitalization, while keeping the family unit together.

Home Infusion Therapy
Hope Infusion Care Nursing Trial

Nursing Visits

Our PDN staff offers a personalized hospital-level of care.They coordinate all aspects, from the first visit to routine follow-ups, nurses educate the patient, and family members about medication, home medical equipment, and self-administration techniques. The hours of nursing care may include short term, intermittent, extended care, home visits and 24 hour care, based on need.

Hope provides client-centered service for all ages in the comfort of their home, and this is executed by our robust nursing staff under supervision of our Director of Nursing, who is personally involved with every client and family.

Clinical Trial Visits

We provide highly skilled nurses to conduct trial visits for clinical research companies. These nurses either administer research drugs or monitor and document patients’ reaction to use of test drugs.
Clinical Trial Visits​
Private Chaperone Services​

Private Chaperone Services

Hope will assist patients who need to travel to investigator sites, by providing a chaperone, for routine visits when they are not able to travel on their own, from home by train or automobile.

Our staff will also provide assistance and escort patients from department to department within the hospital when necessary.

Hi-Tech Specialty Nursing Care